Posted: Jun 2, 2020

Covid19 changed our lives in seconds

We didn’t know that pandemic will change our everyday lives. We didn’t hope that it will last and it still lasts and confronts us with more obstacles and challenges in our life.

For me, the biggest and the first realization of pandemic was while I was intern in foreign country. It didn’t have covid19 cases until the last week of my internship. Then the first case emerged. The situation changed. The first thoughts were: “How do I cope with this?”.. “How did my family react?” “Will I be able to come back home?” “What comes next?”  and the best part was that my country hadn’t got any cases of the virus infection at that point. When the time for leaving came everything was normal. Nobody cared about virus, everybody walked the streets as usually, because it was “just one case”. 

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Posted: May 19, 2020

Time for reflection and learning

We are all in a situation that nobody chose but that is now a necessity. No matter where we are in the world we are all impacted by COVID19, one way or another. Despite the fear that we all feel in these moments we are overwhelmed with the constant influx of information and misinformation. It is true that some of us are at higher risk – for instance, older people and people with severe underlying health conditions, but what about our mental and emotional health during this global pandemic.

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Posted: Apr 28, 2020

The microorganism that changed my life in a month

As we all know the current situation with the virus changed our everyday lives. It put us all in front of lots of challenges, but the question that follows is how do we manage to do everything from different perspective this time? 

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«June 2020»

You Are Not Alone

In the era of constant competitions when comparing yourself to others people standards is almost inevitable, you should find your own path and embrace it. 

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BNLD CulTours: WBF granted project of their 3rd call for proposals

Western Balkans Fund organized its “Awarding Ceremony” online to celebrate together the success with grantees of the WBF 3rd Call for Proposals.

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