Open Youth Day- final activity of the project "Join us to be active together”

On the 3 of November 2018, the project "Join us to be active together” had successfully finished, accomplishing its last activity - Open Youth Day, which took place in Central cafe, Kavadarci. The project was implemented by INFO SEGA Kavadarci and Progress Plus in cooperation with the Youth Council of the Municipality of Kavadarci and the Student Parliament of the High School "Dobri Daskalov" in Kavadarci.  

The aim of this event is to encourage the young people to talk with youth workers, members of the Council of Youth and Student Parliament and to contribute for improving the position of young people by giving recommendations, suggestions and ideas. The most discussed topic was the use of the existing mechanisms for youth participation in the decision-making process, which is the main goal of the project. With this project, the peer education method increased the number of young people who became acquainted with the mechanisms and contributed for raising awareness of the importance and the possibility of using them.

As a result from the recommendations and ideas of the young people a  document will be prepared and submitted to the Municipality of Kavadarci and all the  stakeholders.

Open Youth Day is the final activity of the project "Join us to be active together", which is supported by the Youth Fund of the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue, which has been realized for the fourth year at regional level by 7 Local Agencies democracy and ALDA Skopje in 5 Balkan countries. Through local and regional activities, the platform aims to increase awareness of youth participation, youth activism and opportunities for young people to create and be part of decision making.


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