Regional network for local democracy

The Regional network for local democracy consists of the partners within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue:
- LDA Central and Southern Serbia
- ALDA Skopje
- LDA Kosovo
- LDA Mostar
- LDA Niksic
- LDA Prijedor
- LDA Subotica- LDA Zavidovici

The establishment of Regional network for local democracy within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue strengthened the cooperation between the Balkan LDAs in the region, providing a structure for successful project development and implementation.

The present regional co-operation platform creates an innovative perspective for the Local Democracy Agencies who build on an extensive experience gained over the past two decades and take up the role of the catalysts of the positive change leading towards embracing the European values through getting the citizens of local communities closer to EU accession negotiation process and ultimately to the full membership of the Western Balkan countries in the European Union. Therefore, their core mission is intrinsically related with efforts aimed to transformation of society in the Western Balkan countries, democratic reform process and  EU accession negotiation agenda in the years to come.

The network provides effective contribution to research, analysis, policy monitoring, capacity building, practicing and promoting citizens participation, especially among youngsters. The partnership strategy, with a variety of commonly designed and implemented activities enables good communication and exchange between members of the network who are then able to support closer cooperation between youth and stakeholders between the communities which are involved.

The 7 Balkan LDAs and ALDA Skopje share a mission of pursuing human/minority rights and social justice, focusing on citizens-oriented empowerment, practising transparency, openness and good governance, strengthening autonomy, local ownership and participation, pursuing equitable partnerships and solidarity, creating conditions for knowledge/information share and to realizing sustainable network of local community of good practice in the region.

Main objectives of the Regional Network for Local Democracy

-  Strengthen the role of CSOs and Local Authorities in adherence to principles of good governance at local level and in anchoring the democratic reforms across society;  
- Promote civil dialogue, active citizenship and participation of all sections of society and youth in particular in public policy and decision making at local level;
- Knowledge, advocacy, monitoring skills development and information share among CSOs and local/regional authorities for enabling their greater engagement and  impact on good neighbourly relations, regional co-operation initiatives and  ensuring deeper common understanding,  transparency and local ownership over the accession process;
- Enhance the sustainability of the LDAs from the Western Balkans through strategic planning skills development, improved accountability, innovative service provision and regional thematic networking; 
- Strengthen the capacity of the LDAs through communication and coordination at local and regional level;

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