Posted: Jul 20, 2021

In Ether (Episode 3): Local Media

The third episode of LDA CSS’s podcast revolved around the local media in Knjaževac. This is one of the hot-topics, since all the media (radio stations, newspapers, televisions etc.) have been recently shut down due to financial problems. This means that the people are left with no source of information except the official government websites. “Lack of finances, projects and other means of financial support, led to the complete media shut down, and the people of Knjaževac were doomed to hear about the news on the street, word of mouth, or on Facebook posts from their friends,” said Ljiljana Pavlović, journalist who spent her entire professional career working in the Knjaževac media.

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Posted: Jul 16, 2021

The second episode of the LDA CSS’s podcast "In the ether" – MS Association

The second episode of the LDA CSS’s podcast was about the local Multiple Sclerosis Association from Knjaževac. The speaker, Ana Ranđelović, who is the current President of the Association, spoke about the role of this organization, some of the challenges they have, and how the Association marked World MS Day (May 30).

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Posted: Jul 7, 2021

RECOMMENDATIONS RESULTING FROM THE CONFERENCE European Union and the Western Balkans: Towards Renewed Trust

held in Belgrade, 1 July 2021, under the Regional Youth Compact for Europe project

Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) - partners of the Regional Youth Compact for Europe project which over the last three-year period has promoted the process of Western Balkan integration into the EU, brought together and encouraged regional youths toward activism and supporting reforms on the path toward the EU, and strengthened the capacities of CSOs in local communities to dialogue with decision makers and the citizenry on the subject of developmental policies. At today’s conference, EU and the Western Balkans - Towards Renewed Trust, the partners agreed to send the following messages to key actors:

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Posted: Jul 5, 2021

EU and the Western Balkans: Towards Renewed Trust – The Final Project Conference

The roads ahead of us are going to be difficult, but fundamentally speaking, we are optimistic for the future of Europe and the youth, and in the last conference under the Regional Youth Compact for Europe (RYCE) project, this was very clearly expressed with everyone participating.
The Final Project Conference for RYCE was held on July 1, 2021, in the city of Belgrade, Serbia, at the Metropol Hotel. The nature of the conference was a hybrid, with 36 participants viewing from the Zoom platform. There was a sizable variety of participants, including 13 partners from various countries and organizations/networks, such as ALDA.
The Regional Youth Compact for Europe project, which has reached its conclusion with the passing of conference, has been going on for 3 years, with the aim of empowering youth organizations and other civil society groups in the Western Balkans and Europe. This is particularly when it comes to matters such as policy design, mobilization of participation and better decision-making among the younger generations, and EU integration monitoring.

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Posted: Jun 14, 2021

INFORMING FUTURE ACTIVISTS – Info Day on Law of Youth Participation and Policies in Prilep

On Tuesday, June 2nd 2021, the Youth Council of Prilep held an Info Day dedicated to information about the basic principles and promotion of Law on Youth Participation and Youth Policies, as part of the project “Regional Youth Compact for Europe,” funded by the European Union. 

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Posted: Jun 4, 2021

Workshop on cross-border cooperation jointly organized by LDA Subotica and LDA Knjazevac

On the 1st of June 2021, LDA Subotica and LDA South and Central Serbia from Knjazevac organized a joint online workshop in the framework of the project Regional Youth Compact for Europe.  

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Posted: May 27, 2021

LDA CSS youth podcast “In Ether” has been launched!

The LDA CSS youth podcast “In Ether” has officially been launched. The objective of a project is to strengthen the cooperation between the local media and NGOs in Knjaževac, as well as to address topics related to the youth in a way that is both interesting and engaging.

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Posted: May 14, 2021

Cultours local activities: Local tourism in the spotlight

Tourism is a sector that offers possibilities for economic and cultural growth, for both small and big communities. More than ever, local tourism needs our attention in order to help small communities with great stories to tell, get their spot on the global map.

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Posted: Apr 1, 2021

YOUth SWOT – workshop in Mostar

On the 30th of march 2021 the Local Democracy Agency Mostar organized the local workshop  entitled “YOUth SWOT” within the “Regional YOUTH COMPACT for Europe” project. The activity was performed as interactive event that addressed youth-related topics. Most of the young population in Mostar is not well informed on existing possibilities to improver employability aspects and professional self-growth.

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Posted: Mar 19, 2021

Coming soon: Regional Thematic Network Forum and Annual Conference

Local Democracy Agency Subotica and the consortium members of the Regional Youth Compact for Europe project are pleased to invite you to participate in the Regional Conference on the topic “Reconstructing the way forward to EU integration” which will be held via ZOOM platform on Thursday 25th March and Friday 26th March 2021, between 11.00 to 14.30.

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