The project comprises 6 work packages representing its structure: 


1. Project Management 

Encompassing an established efficient and engaged project team and Regional Thematic Network Forum for content enrichment on the topics of education and employment of youth, rule of law, public administration reform, structured dialogue and advocacy on regional and local level.

2. Capacity Building

- Trainings and study visits which aim to provide exchange of knowledge and experience, strengthening capacity of CSOs to advocate within their local community and on national level. 
- Workshops that aim to empower and motivate young people to get engaged focusing on key issues of the rule of law and fundamental rights, employment and social cohesion, and public administration reform. 
- Western Balkans Politeia Summer School which aims to upgrade knowledge and skills of young people in the area of EU accession process and youth participation in this process. 

3.  Monitoring and Advocacy

- Comparative study “Civil Society involvement in monitoring EU accession and EU Integration Processes in the Western Balkans – from initial projects to structured dialogue” on Chapters 19, 23, 24 and public administration reforms. 
- “Youth Transformational Potential in EU Integration Processes” desk analysis on existing forms of participation, new IT technology approaches and tools which boost youth motivation.
- My City - Youth City, open Local Assemblies initiative – youth participation in decision making processes on local level. 

4:  Regional Networking and Exchange programme 

- Establishment and engagement in Community multi stakeholders` platforms for dialogue among CSOs and youth organisations with local government, public and private sector on local level.
- Local Youth Workshops “Regional Youth Compact for Europe – We are Europeans” will be organized locally in 11 communities where co-applicants work.
- Regional Forum: Youth Regional Compact for Europe Network will gather youth organisations in the Western Balkans focused on rule of law, good governance, employment and social cohesion and those involved in policy making, advocacy, reform monitoring. 
- Annual Conferences on thematic issues with aim to multiply effects of the accomplished outcomes and outputs.
- Internship Youth Program aims to provide new experience, intercultural exchange among diverse youth groups in the region and to learn about functioning of CSOs, assist in innovative, youth friendly, forms and content of communication, leading to increased youth participation. 

5: Sub-granting Programme fund for Local Youth initiatives

Main objective of sub-granting is improvement and development of participatory youth policies and local democracy in communities of Western Balkans through support to youth initiatives fostering active citizenship and participation of young people at the local level.

6:  Public Campaign

Through promotional activities and direct actions with citizens it aims to raise awareness about the benefits of CSOs and youth involvement in EU integration processes and ensure continued motivation and willingness of young people for activism and participation. 


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