The Regional Forum “Remembrance and intercultural dialogue” is an online event organised by the ALDA – European Association for Local Democracy – Skopje in cooperation with the Balkan Network for Local Democracy - BNLD.

The Balkan region recent history is marked by periods of conflicts, wars and decisions to redraw borders. These regional events will furthermore define the political, economic and social systems in the Balkan countries. The legacy of the recent past remains still an important issue that must be considered from different perspectives in order to intensify our efforts for commune future.

The question of how to address the remembrance should not remain only in history.  It should be considered from an interdisciplinary perspective and through promoting intercultural dialogue and understanding. The narrative should be presented in a way that takes account of various experiences on different levels and social groups.

The online Regional Forum will discuss the challenges and the possibility to build a common narrative for the Balkan region. The conference will highlight good practices on remembrance and intercultural dialogue, including sessions for the exchange of experiences on various sub-topics.

The Forum would gather representatives of civil society organizations as well as cultural and educational institutions that work on the topic of reconciliation and intercultural dialogue.

The main purpose of this event is to contribute to the EU approximation of Western Balkan countries through regional cooperation, intercultural dialogue and reconciliation.

The event is financially supported by the Central European Initiative (CEI), the Program Normandy for Peace of the Region Normandy, the Western Balkans Fund and the EU Commission.

-    To improve the intercultural competences of the civil society organisations, cultural and educational institutions; 
-    To support multi-stakeholder networking among different actors in the field of intercultural dialogue and reconciliation; 
-    To provide possibilities for exchange of best practice and initiatives in the field of intercultural dialogue and reconciliation; 
-    To enhance regional cooperation among the civil society organisations and other stakeholders on the topic of intercultural dialogue and reconciliation. 

-    Increased knowledge on the topic of reconciliation and intercultural dialogue 
-    Promoted tools, programmes and initiatives for intercultural dialogue on regional level 
-    Raised awareness on the importance of reconciliation in the process of EU accession 
-    Created possibilities for networking among different stakeholders on regional level 

CEI Member States: Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Hungary, North Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Serbia, Ukraine and Montenegro

The work plan will be implemented by web video conferencing solution incorporating live meetings, conferencing, presentations and debates. The idea is to keep the initial work plan and to readapt it for online implementation. 
Video conferencing will allow participants in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings. Therefore, we will keep the international dimension of the action. 


Registration open till 18th December 2020 HERE

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