Whether Macedonian judiciary and anti-corruption policies can guarantee credible EU accession?

On October 6th 2020 the EU Commission published the 2020 Enlargement Package with the progress reports regarding candidate and potential candidate countries. This year Enlargement Package was done according to the newly adopted negotiation methodology and together with the comprehensive Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans, which has aim to support regional long-term economic recovery, to foster regional integration and convergence with the European Union. 

In the progress report for N. Macedonia is noted that the country’s continuation of the reforms is evident through the efforts to strengthen democracy and the rule of law. The progress report in general is encouraging and in line with the expectation that EU accession talks and first inter-governmental conference will happen somewhere towards the end of the German Presidency this year. Furthermore, the Commission notes that the country is "moderately prepared" and have done "good progress" in the field of judiciary and anti-corruption policies, which are one of the key areas of the Chapter which is considering to be open first in the negotiation process – Chapter 23: Judiciary and fundamental rights. 

However, in the progress report is stated as well that further systematic implementation of judicial reform strategy is needed and corruption is prevalent in many areas and remains an issue of concern. If we take in consideration these facts and we put them in corelation that Macedonian EU accession efforts are lasting almost 20 years, then we might come to inevitable conclusion that there is a need for higher levels of commitment for achieving full independence of the judicial system and anti-corruption bodies. The absence of effective administration of justice and weak anti-corruption measures already resulted with worrying legal precedents, systemic corruption practices and low level of public trust in the Macedonian judiciary. Therefore, Macedonian EU accession reforms have to be set on level which will provide fast, very effective and credible negotiation process oriented towards achieving full EU membership without any further delays. 

The challenges in the judiciary and anti-corruption policies are real and long lasting, jeopardising the democratic capacity of the Macedonian society and therefore a full commitment across the Macedonian political spectrum for delivery of necessary sectoral reforms in the field of judiciary and anti-corruption policies is needed.

Author: Aleksandar Vanchoski

Posted: Oct 13, 2020,
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Author: Svetlana

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