The fact that citizens who make the workforce are leaving in large numbers and this certainly has negative effects on the economy

While the countries in the region are considering how to protect the health condition of their citizens, the burning problem of today is the departure of young people, but also their unemployment. The corona virus pandemic has brought great losses in terms of the economy, imports and exports of raw materials but also slowed down the world in all spheres. This is very worrying, because it is evident that the coronary virus pandemic will leave long-term consequences and lead to major global challenges.

Accordingly, the problem we have been facing for years is the departure of citizens, but above all young people who are the future of every country.The most common answer to the question "Why do young people leave?" Is certainly a lack of faith in the future and this certainly happens due to the economic situation and lack of employment opportunities, but also because of the ubiquitous feeling that the future will not necessarily be better. The fact that citizens who make the workforce are leaving in large numbers and this certainly has negative effects on the economy - labor shortages and limited potential for starting new businesses and firms.

The right to social assistance, adequate housing and an efficient social protection system are certainly important in all societies, and in the period of the pandemic they become even more important. Social rights are something on which the rest of young people who plan to live their future in RS are based. What young people definitely lack is the motive and desire to stay. This is what we must not forget, because young people are the ones who represent the source of ideas and energy that moves forward. Their curiosity and desire for something new and different is a strong driving force. The situation in our country is slowing down a lot and gender inequality. It is indisputable to say that equality reigns in the laws, while inequality is present in practice.

The most turbulent area between men and women is the labor market, but discrimination against women, which is becoming more common nowadays, also contributes to this. Gender inequality is certainly reflected when it comes to women's participation in public and political life, and increased violence against women, as well as domestic violence. This is a very long-term process that largely depends on a number of social circumstances and influences at the global, regional and local levels, and requires radical restructuring and reform of institutional policies. All these are problems that other countries in the region face, but the essence is that new ideas, inexhaustible energy and courage to recognize and adopt changes in the characteristics of young people who represent future generations who will lead the country from which their roots originated. Youth brings with it a lot of creativity, ideals and enthusiasm. A better and new world is being built on these foundations, which is why it is important to support new ideas, combine energy and experience, creativity and other market needs. Because the future depends on ourselves.

Author: Bojana Sučević, LDA Prijedor

Posted: Nov 17, 2020,
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Author: Svetlana

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