Regional Youth Compact for Europe

Regional Youth Compact for Europe is a cooperation initiative launched by 14 CSOs from the EU, Western Balkans and Turkey with the aim to enhance the effective participation of civil society and youth organisations in the EU integration and accession negotiation process through capacity building, awareness raising and advocacy actions organised at local, national and regional level. 


Making the EU integration agenda more youth friendly

This multi-annual project brings together diverse stakeholders and opens up the space for increased youth engagement in policy dialogue, advocacy and monitoring of the progress achieved in Western Balkan countries.   


Support to lasting reform locally – a generational choice 

  Main objectives

  • Enhance the regional cooperation and exchange platform by increasing the space for participation of local CSOs and youth in the political and economic reform process of the EU integration agenda of Western Balkan countries and Turkey;
  • Strengthen CSOs and youth groups’ capacities for structured civic dialogue and  pro-active engagement in evidence based advocacy, watchdog and policy monitoring initiatives in areas of public administration reform, regional mobility in education, employment and cultural participation;
  • Increase the capacities of regional CSOs cooperation platform for coalition building at regional and EU level for cooperating with local and national public authorities to widen the reform impact, advocacy initiatives and increase the level of inclusion of youth in relevant sector policy and decision making processes; 
  • Help consolidate the Western Balkans Network for Local Democracy as a regional cooperation and consultation platform engaging CSOs, youth and local authorities in the Western Balkan countries and Turkey to contribute expertise and practice exchange on good governance, citizen participation and the role of CSOs and local authorities as relevant stakeholders with transformative role in the EU integration and accession negotiation process;
  • Improve innovative youth friendly communication, outreach activities and capacity-building for grassroots and other types of non-governmental organisations working on bringing about positive change at the local level.

This initiative is implemented by the Center for Democracy Foundation enriched by the great experience of the European ALDA network and the ALDA – Western Balkans Network for Local Democracy, including also CRTA from Serbia, Youth Act from Albania and SODEM from Turkey.

This project is funded by the European Union and the Balkan Trust for Democracy, a project of the German Marshall Fund of the United States.
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