The microorganism that changed my life in a month

The microorganism that changed my life in a month

As we all know the current situation with the virus changed our everyday lives. It put us all in front of lots of challenges, but the question that follows is how do we manage to do everything from different perspective this time? 

For me the biggest confrontation came when the government closed its borders and all of the sudden many things have been postponed. Among with them all the planned trips with my friends but also the meetings on my professional level. That is when I realized that we need to start using technology to the fullest. As for the communication, these days I am using online platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, Skype or even Messenger to communicate with my friends and relatives who unfortunately stayed abroad. The same platforms I use to communicate with my colleges so that the work can be done in the most efficient way. Because the work in my organization is quite responsible, but at the same time flexible, fortunately we have no difficulties in working. We work from home, we have regular online meetings for better coordination and we perform our work duties easily and on time.

It is true that the measures taken by the government have shortened our freedom for the moment but it has huge impact on the things we sometimes forget that are important because of our everyday rush. For example, the family time spent together, the free time to read a good book or get better in writing and communication skills, the arrangement of the house or even a new hobby. From this situation we can surely learn a lot. In my opinion people have returned to the essential part that we need to help each other, to support each other in order to get easier out of these difficult moments. We all know that is always better when something is shared with others. 

The difficulty in diffusing newly acquired knowledge is a well-known phenomenon in both private- and the public-sector organizations. But, in my point of view, accelerating the diffusion of knowledge that is emerging from different policy choices should be considered a top priority at a time when “every country is reinventing the wheel”. However, I think there is always hope that in short time we will stand on our feet and continue with our creation on new and more challenging projects and work. 

Pavlina Dimovska, 24


Posted: Apr 28, 2020,
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Author: Svetlana

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