Report from the first meeting of the Local Youth Advisory Group from Knjazevac

On January 5th, the Local Youth Advisory Group from Knjazevac held its first meeting this year.

Regarding their activities at the local level, young people are still interested in participation, in a direct or indirect way in the adoption of the Local Action Plan for Youth in Knjazevac. In addition to this topic, the young people also talked about the Youth Center, which is supposed to be implemented by the spring, for which they had been engaged in whole past year.

Regional activities: In addition to participating in on-line trainings and panels, youth in Knjaževac like the idea of ​​strengthening the Regional platform for participation and dialogue of youth, "connection of youth" through various activities planned for this year.

At the meeting, it was also discussed about topics like
 maintaining the continuous work of the Info Point Knjaževac as part of this project, regular meetings of the LDA volunteers every week. This year, the planned activities will involve a large number of young people from Knjaževac, both through the Project itself and through grants, for which young people as an informal group can apply.

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