My Knjazevac - Multicultural City

My Knjazevac - Multicultural City

The publication "My Knjazevac - a multicultural city" was created with the desire to encourage the cultural participation of the youngsters from Knjazevac and at the same time to draw attention to the persons and institutions that have had a significant influence to the development of cultural life in the municipality of Knjazevac.

The texts in front of you are the result of the work of young people from Knjazevac who in the past months take part in research on the presence of elements of other cultures in our city, personalities and institutions that contributed the stories about our city and local cultural heritage are heard widely.

The presented texts reveal only a small part of this story and we hope to inspire readers to independently start exploring, not only cultural history, but also everything that our city can offer today in the field of culture. Dunja Bizjak, Kristina Stanojević, Ivana Savić, Nikola Radmanović, Aneta Simić, Martina Stanojević, Aleksandra Ristić, Mina Zdravković, Sara Nikolić and Lana Antonijević participated in the research and creation of this publication. We owe special gratitude to the National Library "Njegoš" team which doors were always opened for us, for advices and help in text design.

The publication "My Knjazevac - Multicultural City" was realized within the project "BalkanRegional Platform for Participation and Youth Dialogue", funded by the European Union through the Civil Society Facility, Operating Grants to IPA CSO Associations, support to regional thematic associations. The photos used as an illustration of the texts were taken with the permission of authors (Vladan Stojadinovic, Milena Milosevic Micić and BojaneIlijić) from the publication "Knjazevac - about homeland from A to Š", published by the National Library "Njegoš" and the Regional Museum Knjaževac.

Find the publication down below.

Posted: Feb 6, 2018,
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Author: Svetlana

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