LDA Kosovo hosts Balkan Youth Forum: Cultural participation in the focus

The third Balkan Youth Forum took place from 18th to 21st October in Kosovo. 70 participants from 5 Balkan countries and 7 LDAs, together with ALDA Skopje were present at the event. The topic of cultural participation was discussed by representatives from Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. During the forum, the initial findings and result of comparative study on the same topic were also presented.

The Balkan Youth Forum is organized every year within the Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue. Representatives of youth organizations, CSOs and local authorities were welcomed inside the Municipality Hall at the beginning of the forum. The participants had the chance to discuss the topic of cultural participation with Municipality representatives.

After the visit of the Municipality of Peja, panel discussions, workshops and debates followed. The initial findings of the comparative study on the topic of cultural participation were also presented.

Balkan Regional Platform for Youth Participation and Dialogue is coordinated by ALDA and realized together with 7 LDAs from the Western Balkans and ALDA Skopje. The project is financed by the European Union. 

Photo gallery of the event

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