CityLAB Mostar has started

CityLAB Mostar has started

"City LAB" is a laboratory in which imagination and creativity fit into one. It combines different activities related to the city, its history, tradition, architecture and narrative.

It is a research process where children and young people use their innate imagination and natural spontaneity to reach the goal. Basic concept of City LAB is to an open study about architecture and space. The program is made up of workshops which have certain results while ultimately all the results form a story about the city.

The 1st CityLAB project started on 28th July under the title "My City Intercultural City". This workshop envisions the research of 10 young people from the city of Mostar about the community in which they live the cultures of the city presented through historical objects, locations, immaterial heritage such as written documents or stories about important people that gave a great contribute to the city’s history.

This is a kind of cultural campaign and model for raising awareness among young people in terms of creating a sense of the other and otherness what is essential attribute of the intercultural city. It is conceived as a workshop where young people will have the opportunity to work in teams and individually.

2nd CityLAB project is #AšikMostar that has been implemented as a youth initiative, funded by Local youth funds in city of Mostar. In this project main subject is Love ("ašik") and we try to present Mostar in another scale as immortal city endowed with love in the past but today and for the future. Although our projects are much related to spatial concepts and we always try to reach this city dimension in them, AšikMostar goes beyond presenting inner city values through an important story of love. In this case project is conceived as workshop, 3 layered workshops, where participants will be introduced to the subject by reading poetry and sightseeing heritage complexes that should intrigue them to start developing their own idea upon Love's universal values in Mostar of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Final result of this workshop will be an Exhibition and performance of the playwright, costume design and scenography that will be produced by participants and assisted by workshop leaders during 7 days’ workshop.  Through workshop participants age 12-17 will have the opportunity to work in teams and individually. Such concept will help to further develop their motorcycle and intellectual abilities.

CityLAB is created as cooperation of two projects Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue and Urgent, and it is implemented by Local Democracy Agency Mostar / Agencija lokalne demokratije Mostar through its Centar for Architecture, Dialogue and Art – ADA Mostar / Centar za arhitekturu, dijalog I umjetnost ADA Mostar, and the presentation of the results will be within the festival Mostar summer / Mostarsko ljeto on 21st of August 2017.

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