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The sixth Regional Network meeting in the framework of the project Balkan regional platform for youth participation and dialogue will be organized from 17th - 19th of October, 2018 in Novi Sad. This meeting is the final event of the project whose aim is to evaluate and promote the achievements made over the past four years on local level and to finalize the details of the Balkan Network for Local Democracy.

This will be a two-day event and while one part will be dedicated to the work of the platform, with debates, evaluations and strategic meetings. Important part of the event is the regional ROUND TABLE with regional and local youth policy making stakeholders: Millennials of the Balkans:  Making smart and long-term plans vs packing the bags and leaving in search for a more comfortable life and the Meeting and reception in AP Vojvodina Assembly. 

This Final regional meeting should bring up qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the results and achievements of the projects in order to reach common basis for creation of follow up plan for the future work of the platform. It will be also the perfect occasion to further elaborate the contents of the strengthened regional co-operation platform and innovative approaches/tools and skills gained over the past four years to be applied in activities intended for youth with particular emphasis on communication and outreach activity planning. 

Luckily this is not the end. The partners will continue to work on the topic of youth trough the upcoming project Regional Youth compact for Europe by uniting the same stakeholders and youngsters in creating an enabling environment for youth participation in the Western Balkans and Turkey. 

You can find more information about the project Regional Youth compact for Europe on the following link

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«April 2019»

The international workshop in Mostar has officialy started

The international workshop “Rule of law and fundamental rights – why is it important for the youth and how youth can contribute to monitor reforms in these fields” organized by LDA Mostar in the framework of the project “Regional Youth Compact for Europe” has officialy started.
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Think globally, act locally: Empowering young people

After two days focusing on empowering young people and enabling them to have a better understanding of the content regarding rule of law and fundamental rights, the international workshop “Rule of law and fundamental rights – why is it important for the youth and how youth can contribute to monitor reforms in these fields” organized in Mostar, has successfully finished. Around 20 youngsters had opportunity to follow a series of workshops and be part of different activities. 

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VOLS: Promoting voluntarism in EU and Western Balkans

The international training ‘’Volunteer Management in Europe’s Youth sector’’ is the main activity of the project VOLS EU - Volunteer Management in Europe’s Youth sector. The training taking place in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina from March 27th – April 3rd and is organised by the Local Democracy Agency Mostar, which is the project’s lead partner.  Young representatives from 12 partner organizations from EU and Western Balkans are participating in the workshops and lectures.   
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Official opening of the Politeia regional school: Engaging youth in Western Balkans

POLITEIA regional school for youth has officially open its doors for the new generation of young leaders. Natasa Vuckovic, president of the Center for Democracy foundation, Stanka Parac from BNLD, Kerim Medjedovic form LDA Niksic, Marko Mrdak, Deputy Chief Negotiator of Montenegro and Ilija Grgutovic, deputy mayor of Danilovgrad opened the 2019 edition of the school on the 1st of April in Danilovgrad, Montenegro. 
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Let’s debate: LDA Knjazevac welcomes the debate teams

Within the framework of the project ‘’Regional Youth Compact for Europe’’ and the preparations for the implementation of the community multi stakeholders` platform,  LDA Knjazevac has initiated creation of two youth debate teams and a specific capacity building program for them.

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Youth impact workshop in Prilep

On 9th of April, 2019 in the secondary school "Gjorche Petrov" in Prilep was organized a Youth impact workshop. The workshop was attended by the Youth Information and Counseling Center INFO SEGA, the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA and the high school students from the secondary school "Gjorche Petrov". The main topic for discussion was the European Union and Chapter 19 - Social policy and employment.

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Youth Compact presented at Career Fair in Skopje

Youngsters of Skopje, had that opportunity to get acquainted with the project Regional Youth Compact for Europe at FON University during their Graduation ceremony and Career fair on the 17th April 2019. 

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